Bridal Hair – Up or Down… That is the question?

by | Nov 28, 2022 | Makeup Tips

Okay, I’m not a hair expert. My expertise is in Bridal/Wedding Makeup. So you’re asking why am I blogging about hair, that’s because I always ask at the makeup trial, “How will you be wearing your hair the day of your wedding?”

The most common answer is, “I don’t really know yet, I’m kind of torn between wearing it up or down”. The odd occasion a bride will come to me with her hair done for the trial which is wonderful for me because it does affect the way I would do my makeup application but in more times than not the potential bride will come with their hair the way they usually wear it.

As we are having this discussion about hairstyle for their wedding day I’m always asked what I think regarding how they should wear their hairstyle. When asked I have a few answers to this question. “How are you the most comfortable wearing your hair?” “Are you willing to wear your hair in a style you may  have worn a couple of times in your life or maybe never at all?”,  How do you see yourself the day of your wedding?”

So many times when I’m at the actually venue the day of the wedding after the bride has had her hair done she will sit in my chair and be so freaked out, usually preceding to tell me how much she hates her hair.

Even though a trial has been done for this day, when a bride is under so much stress the day of, wanting everything so perfect, even though the hair may look fine to me, nerves set in and everything is scrutinized – this can go for makeup too.

But I am discussing hair here because it’s such a monumental decision if you always wear your hair a certain way. So you say, what’s the answer to this question of what hairstyle to choose.

All I can say my answer to this question is wear your hair the way you are most comfortable. Of course, it needs to be polished up some, it should be clean, freshly colored, maybe cut it to clean up the ends and I would do this maybe a week or two before, and then choose a style you are most comfortable with. R

emember this is your once in a lifetime day and when you are looking back at your pictures you want to see the real you with no regrets. Also, for my benefit and any other makeup artist you will be seeing try and get your hair done before your bridal makeup trial. This way you will know exactly what to expect on your wedding day!

halfup_halfdownJust a footnote if you are really undecided and like it both ways after your trial, this is just a suggestion, why don’t you try wearing it half up and half down (see photo >>>).